Rental Housing

Rental Housing


Rental Housing inspection

Planning and Development Services administers a rental housing program for the city of Willmar. The Building Inspector inspects and certifies rental properties that meet the minimum standards as spelled out in the Rental Property Ordinance. Properties are inspected every three years and must be enrolled by the property owner and have local management or contact person. The rental inspection program has a Housing Inspection Plan that is outlined and followed for all inspections.  

Landlords and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities

The rights and duties of landlords and tenants in Minnesota are spelled out in federal law, state statutes, local ordinances, safety and housing codes, common law, contract law, and a number of court decisions. These responsibilities can vary from place to place around the state. Certain rights and duties apply to landlords and tenants everywhere in Minnesota.

Download a  handbook for an explanation of these rights:
In English: Landlord and Tenant Rights and Responsibilities
In Spanish: Derechos y responsabilidades de los propietarios e inquilinos 

Download a handout explaining smoke alarm requirements: Smoke Detector Requirements.

To speak with someone about your rights under the Minnesota Human Rights Act or to file a charge of discrimination, contact the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.

Rental Housing Program

To be in the rental program, a Rental License Application must be completed for each rental property or renewed if already in the program.

Download and complete the application: Rental License Application