Wastewater Treatment Facility

Wastewater Treatment Facility

The wastewater from homes, businesses, and industries flow into the Wastewater Treatment Facility. The facility is classified as a Class A Facility. There are 15 lift stations throughout Willmar and 9 located around Eagle Lake belonging to the Willmar Wastewater Treatment Facility. There are 82.36 miles of gravity sewer lines and 7.93 miles of force mains. In 2018, the City's land applied 930 dry tons of biosolids or 5.89 million gallons to MPCA approved farm fields, and the City reserves approximately 2,200 acres of farmland for the application of biosolids. The major industry is Jennie-O Turkey Store which is a turkey kill/processing plant. They treat their waste prior to discharge to the WWTF via DAF.

The facility has a staff made up of a superintendent, a working foreman, a plant mechanic, a lift station mechanic, a lab technician, an assistant lab technician/safety coordinator, 4 operators, and an environmental specialist.

Jason Lindahl

Environmental Specialist
Sara Sietsema

Wastewater Treatment Facility
3000 75th Street SW
Willmar, Minnesota  56201
Phone:  320-235-4760