Municipal Utilities Commission

Municipal Utilities Commission

The Municipal Utilities Commission is responsible, subject to the overriding power of the City Council, for full control, operation, and management of the electrical generating and transmission, water utilities, and such other utilities as the City may acquire.  It also has the full power of ownership and control of the utilities and can exercise its right to the employment of all personnel including a superintendent.

Agendas, Minutes, and other information for this Commission are available online as provided. 
To view these files go to Agendas | Minutes | Videos and select a specific year from the sidebar to the left. 

Visit the City Calendar for a schedule of upcoming meetings.


Michael O'Brien - Council Liaison
Thomas Butterfield - Alternate
Dave Baumgart
Carol Laumer
Bruce DeBlieck
Shawn Mueske
John Kennedy III
Patricia Elizondo
Terrill Sieck