Local Option Sales Tax Subcommittee

Local Option Sales Tax Subcommittee

The City of Willmar is accepting applications for members of the Local Option Sales Tax Subcommittees. There are six subcommittees that will lay the groundwork on each of the six projects to be financed by the local option sales tax. Applicants interested in applying should download the application and return to Willmar City Offices upon completion.

Swansson field
Council Representative - Rick Fagerlie
Staff Representative -Eric Banks
Mary Sawatzky
Steve Tammen
Dave Baumgart
Rick Maursetter
John Sawatsky
 Mark Owens
 Tom DeBoer

athletic fields
Council Representative - Andrew Plowman
Staff Representative - Ryan Scheffler
Jon Konold
Jeff Stauffenecker
Randy Curtis
Brent Pederson
Tony Amon
Ryan Blahosky
Nathan Streed

Council Representative - Vicki Davis
Staff Representative - Rob Baumgarn
Matt Dawson
Gretchen Otness
Justin Bos
Mike Fagerlie
Mike Negen
 Beth Fischer
 Gary Laughlin

Robbins Island
Council Representative - Fernando Alvarado
Staff Representative - Rob Baumgarn
Steve Kneprath
 Paul Cool
 Rachel Skretvedt
 Joy Baker
 James Miller
 Mary LaRue
Jason Grabinger

Council Representative - Kathy Schwantes
Staff Representative = Sean Christensen
Anita Flowe
 Steve Dresler

Community center
Council Representative - Julie Asmus
Staff Representative - Britta Diem
Jeff Jagush
 Jan Dahl
 Helen Behrends
 Ramona Banks
 George Christensen
 Brain Kath
Dan Drevlow