Local Option Sales Tax Subcommittee

Local Option Sales Tax Subcommittee

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Swansson field
Council Representative - Rick Fagerlie
Mary Sawatzky
Steve Tammen
Dave Baumgart
Rick Mauersetter
John Sawatsky

athletic fields
Council Representative - Andrew Plowman
Jon Konold
Jeff Stauffenecker
Randy Curtis
Shannon Cayler
Tony Amon
Ryan Blahosky
Nathan Streed

Council Representative - Vicki Davis
Matt Dawson
Gretchen Otness
Justin Bos
Mike Fagerlie
Brian Kath
Mike Negen

Robbins Island
Council Representative - Fernando Alvarado
Steve Kneprath

Council Representative - Kathy Schwantes
Sean Christensen
Anita Flowe

Council Representative - Julie Asmus
Jeff Jagush