Construction Permits

Construction Permits

Building Permit Application
Fill out when doing any construction or plumbing work. Application must be filled out completely, with plan provided. Fees are calculated using the 1994 UBC Fee Schedule. Homeowners doing the work themselves also need to complete the Property Owner Waiver below. Houses that are planned to be moved require an additional Building Move Application

Dumpster Permit Application
Permit required when a dumpster will be placed on a public street for construction purposes.

Excavation Permit Application
Required when excavation is obstructing City right-of-way. See Right-of-Way ordinance. Contractors obstructing City right-of-way are required to be registered with the City of Willmar, this is a one time registration requirement (first time only). See registration for right-of-way excavators form.

Mechanical Permit Application
This application covers any and all HVAC work (Gas Furnace, AC, Water Heater, Boiler).

Property Owner Waiver
Complete if you, as the homeowner, will be completing the work yourself.