Willmar Municipal Airport opened in 2006 at its current location 6600 Hwy. 40 SW, two miles west of the old closed airfield. Airport facilities include: 5,500' 100' paved runway, 3,000 x 250' turf runway, precision instrument approach, non-precision instrument approach, and aircraft storage areas. Please remember to check current NOTAM's before arriving at or departing from the Willmar Municipal Airport. All aircraft are required to monitor CTAF Frequency 122.8 when in the vicinity of the airfield. MNDOT Aeronautics has supplied a flier for important pilot information.
TERMINAL BUILDING AMENITIES: 30 person meeting room, passenger waiting lounge, public restrooms, phone/internet connection, concession/vending area, and free parking. For pilots there is a flight planning area, pilot lounge, sleeping areas, and pilot shower/restroom. The airport is conveniently located just two miles west of the industrial park.

AIRCRAFT SERVICES: Aircraft Fuel (Jet A and 100LL), Aircraft Maintenance, Ramp Area/Tie Downs, and Rental Car Assistance.

ONSITE MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS: Daily Runway Inspections, Runway Light Repairs, NOTAMS, Traffic Patterns, Terminal Cleaning performed by Eric Rudningen, Airport Operations Supervisor, Eric's Aviation Inc. (320) 894-1872.

AIRPORT MANAGER: Meg Eric Rudningen | 320-214-9669 | 

FIXED BASE OPERATOR: Oasis Aero can be reached at (320) 214-9669 |

OTHER INFORMATION: Flight Information, Courtesy Cars, After-hours Service, or onsite needs should be directed to Eric at (320) 894-1872.