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Garages/Accessory Structures


1.  Permit.  
No accessory building/structure shall be constructed on a lot prior to the time of construction of the principal building.
2. Setbacks. 
Accessory buildings/structures in the rear yard of a residential lot shall be located no closer than five (5) feet from the side or rear lot line.
3. Height.  
No accessory building in a residential district shall exceed two (2) stories.
4. Location.  
No detached garages or other accessory building/structure shall be located nearer the front lot line than the principal building in residential zones, except where the principal building is at least one-hundred (100) feet from the front line and meets all other setback regulations.

5. Number.  
No residential lot shall contain more than two (2) detached accessory buildings unless the lot exceeds one (1) acre in size. Detached accessory buildings shall not be used for commercial purposes except for home occupations.

6. Garages.
Only one (1) detached garage with a maximum gross area of one thousand (1,000) square feet shall be permitted in residential districts. No door or access opening shall exceed ten (10) feet in height. The exterior color, design, and materials shall be similar to the principal structure. If not constructed at time of the principal structure, the future garage plans shall be indicated on the general site plan.

7. Non-residential.
"Accessory" buildings in the Business and Industrial districts may be located any place to rear or side of the principal building, subject to a rear and side yard lot line setback of ten (10) feet.