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Willmar Municipal Utilities

The Willmar Municipal Utilities is dedicated to providing reliable, quality electric, water and district heating service to its consumer-owners at competitive rates in a forward-looking, service-oriented manner based on consumer input. The electric system consists of 5 substations and 18 feeders which serve 9,200 electric customers.  The heating system utilizes hot water to provide heat with a customer base of 93 commercial, institutional and industrial facilities and 142 single family homes, and the water system consists of 16 wells, two water treatment plants, three pumping stations and four storage facilities and serves 6,350 customers.  The Municipal Utilities Commission is a semiautonomous branch of the City government charged by the Willmar City Charter with full control, operation and management of municipal utilities and subject to veto powers of the City Council.  The Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor, none of whom may hold any other office or position in the City government.

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