Residential Exterior

Residential Exterior

 City of Willmar Community Enhancement Program
The Community Enhancement Program is in place to encourage and/or require property owners to abate nuisance violations.  The program's purpose is to foster pride in property ownership, cultivate a positive neighborhood sense of place, and advance community-wide property beautification.

As stated in Ordinance 1060 in residential districts all materials, machinery, vehicles, and equipment shall be stored within a building or be fully screened so as not to be visible from adjoining or adjacent lands and the street, except for the following:

EQUIPMENT- Agricultural and landscaping equipment/materials in current use on the premises. (Section 3.O.1.a).

MATERIALS- Construction materials/equipment in current use on the premises. (Section 3.O.1.b.)

VEHICLES-  No more than four licensed and operable motor vehicles per lawful dwelling unit may be parked or stored anywhere outside on the R-1 and R-2  zoned property, excluding vehicles of occasional guests who do not reside on the property.  Motorcycles, recreational vehicles (as per Section 3.H.), boats, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, trailers (less than 24 ft. long), and other recreational equipment with current licenses in the driveway or back yard.  The above-mentioned vehicles shall be limited to seven units per residential property (each license shall constitute one unit).  Trailers shall be limited to three per residential property. (Section 3.O.1.c.)

WOOD- Firewood, neatly stacked, intended for use on the premises. (Section 3.O.1.d.)

FURNITURE- Lawn furniture and play equipment are allowed.  Note: interior upholstered furniture does not qualify as lawn furniture. (Section 3.O.1.e)

KENNELS-  Dog kennels in the rear or side yard. (Section 3.O.1.f.)

REFUSE/GARBAGE- Must be covered, in a rigid garbage container placed in the rear yard, or side yard when fully screened.  (Plastic bags may be used as garbage and refuse containers liners, but shall not be used without the container for on-site storage of garbage or refuse). (Section 3.O.1.g.)

PARKING- No driveway or off-street parking area shall be located closer than five (5) feet from an adjacent side or rear lot line in residential areas or ten (10) feet in multi-family residential districts. (Section IV.5.e).

VIOLATIONS AND PENALTIES: Violations of the Zoning Ordinance are misdemeanors or petty misdemeanors, punishable by fines of up to $1,000.00 and/or 90 days in jail.  If the violation(s) noted are not voluntarily complied with, the violation(s) shall be referred to the City Attorney/Police Department for Further Action.