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Construction Contractor Storm Water Information

Not sure if you're in compliance with the City's Stormwater Ordinance? Ask yourself these three questions:

Is it there? Is it not there? Does it need repair?

It is essential to note that being found non-compliant with the adopted rules and regulations carries penalties including, but not limited to, a misdemeanor charge and shall be punished as provided for in the laws of the State of Minnesota. In addition, the City may enforce the Stormwater Ordinance provision with all the lawful remedies and procedures available including, but not limited to, mandatory injunctions or other appropriate forms of relief.  The City will begin visiting various construction sites to ensure the site is in compliance. If deviations are found, corrective action will need to be taken immediately.

Questions concerning Erosion or Sediment Control at your construction site? Please contact the City Engineering Department at (320) 235-4202.