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Permits & License

Click on your desired application below to download a PDF application. Forms must be  filled out and returned to:

Willmar City Offices
PO Box 755
333 6th St SW
Willmar, MN 56201
Phone: (320) 235-4913 | Fax: (320) 235-4917



Building Permit Application
Fill out when doing any construction or plumbing work. Application must be filled out completely, with plan provided. Fees are calculated using the 1994 UBC Fee Schedule.  Homeowners doing the work themselves also need to complete the Property Owner Waiver below.

Dumpster Permit Application
Permit required when a dumpster will be placed on a public street for construction purposes.

Excavation Permit Application
Required when excavation is obstructing City right-of-way. See Right-of-Way ordinance.  Contractors obstructing City right-of-way are required to be registered with the City of Willmar, this is a one time registration requirement (first time only).  See registration for right-of-way excavators form

Mechanical Permit Application
This application covers any and all HVAC work (Gas Furnace, AC, Water Heater, Boiler).

Property Owner Waiver
Complete if you, as the homeowner, will be completing the work yourself.


Sign Permit Application
For permanent signs mounted on a building or structure.

Special Sign Permit Application
Temporary signs which are free-standing and placed on the property for no more than 30 days.


Event on City Property Application
Carnival, Circus, Street Fair, Exhibition, Dance or Special Event.

Indoor Fireworks - Pyrotechnics Application
One time use for an indoor fireworks display.

Outdoor Fireworks - Pyrotechnics Application
One time use for an outdoor fireworks display.

Parade - Walk/Run Permit Application
One time permit for a walk/run or parade.

Regulations for use of City Parks Application
One time application for the use of a City Park for the sale of food and/or beverage that current carries a Department of Health permit.

Street Closure Application
This application is a one-time permit used for the closure of a public street for an event.

Sump Pump Discharge to City Sanitary Application

Any property owner whose sump pump discharges ground water accumulations during the winter months may apply for a permit allowing the sump pump to discharge into the sanitary sewer system during the months of November, December, January, February and March of each year. Any property owner receiving a permit shall pay a user fee of ten dollars ($10.00) per month for use of the sanitary sewer system during this time period. The monthly fee shall be added to and collected with the regular monthly sewer bill of the property owner.


Dog and Cat License
Licensing information for residents with pets. 

Amusement Machine License Application
Annual license for the use of coin-operated amusement devices.

Café Restaurant / Theater / Soft-Drink / Taxicab / Bowling Alley License Application
Annual license where food is prepared on-site with one or more seats available for patrons to consume food on-site.

Business on Public Sidewalk Application
Central Business District use of sidewalk space for sales of merchandise.

Fire Alarm Permit
Registration of monitored fire alarm/sprinkler system to be renewed every 3 years.

Applications for permission to shoot pests within the city limits of Willmar.

Pawnbrokers Application
Annual license for individuals who deal in the purchasing of personal property, or other valuable thing on condition of selling the same back again at a stipulate price, or who loans money secured by chattel mortgage on personal property.

Service Parking Permit Application
Parking permit within the Central Business District for a service vehicle.

Storage/Sale of Fireworks Application
This permit is for the sale of fireworks indoors or out.

Taxicab License Application
Annual licensing application for taxicab services.